Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Saving Time and Money with Shutterfly

It's that time of year - snow is falling, Christmas music is playing, gifts are being wrapped and cards are being sent. Let's talk cards:
I personally love getting Christmas cards in the mail. But I REALLY love when the card includes a picture. People, especially children, change so much in a year's time! The photo cards make great prayer cards as they are a reminder to us to pray for our loved ones. And while I enjoy receiving these cards (and sending them) I don't necessarily enjoy making them - until I started using Shutterfly.
I have tried numerous websites to create the perfect card. I am often disappointed with the lack of options with regard to color and layout. The designs aren't catchy, the colors are all the same and the layout is boring. I get even more frustrated when it comes time to import my pictures and write my text. The pictures don't fit just right. I'm limited on how many pictures I can use. The text box is too small. Nothing works the way I want it to. And while I have a great idea in mind I can never seem to get the site to do what I want it to do. And in the end I pay too much for the cards and on top of that I'm slapped with a ridiculously high "shipping and handling" fee.
Making photo cards is no longer stressful with Shutterfly. There are TONS of beautiful cards to choose from, lots of colors, great layouts and designs. Check it out here. I can use one picture, or many, many more on my card. I can write my own text. I can even choose a folded card that gives me enough room to write my Christmas letter. The site is easy to use and the prices are affordable.
Because we live far from family I try to personalize my gifts each year. Grandparents love the personalized calendars and photo books. Shutterfly makes giving these gifts a breeze. And as an added bonus they often give out promo codes to help me save money.
If you haven't made your photo cards, calendars, personalized gifts or even address labels then head over Shutterfly. Have fun creating!


CC said...

I love this site too and our cards are set to arrive any day!