Saturday, January 15, 2011

Charleston, South Carolina

I have not been doing a good job of keeping my blog up to date. Thankfully, these are the last of my pictures from our Christmas vacation in Florida. Except these pictures were not taken in Florida. On the way home we stayed in Charleston, South Carolina so we could do some sightseeing. We love history so it was fun to see all the old houses (hundreds of years old) and look at the monuments. It's a beautiful town!

The grandparents with their grandkids.
There were several cobblestone roads. Very neat - but not very comfortable to walk on if you're wearing flip flops.
Rainbow Row
Owen and Auntie Sarah
Walking along the harbor
Aubrey can't stand still for a picture. She has to be RUNNING!
Happy to be free
Owen adores Uncle Michael
We got to peek at this old, gigantic house. I can't remember the facts but I THINK it was built by a governor in the 1800s and was over 20,000 square feet. (I should have written it down. I'm sure my mother in law remembers the details).


Jeannette said...

Charleston is a beautiful place! Joel and I vacationed there a few years ago, and I'd like to go back! We toured that same house, and at that time, it was overrun with the owner's collectibles. They even had a catholic alter in the living room. What I remember about the house is that the builders were also the builders of the Biltmore mansion in Ashville, N.C. Now that's a house! :)

Katie said...

Charleston is such a great town to visit! Esp if you enjoy history, which I think I used to, once upon a time. :(

I'm a little envious of your holidays in the south! I am SO over this midwestern winter. That was maybe my favorite part of living in Louisville, the "early" (or more on time, I guess) spring. I would've liked for it to get colder sooner in the fall, but I loved the warm temps in the spring. The first Feb we lived there it was in the 70s. SO nice, especially with kids!