Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Boy & A Feather

Owen loves to explore the backyard and find wild turkey feathers. He has quite the imagination and a feather can entertain him for quite some time!

He thinks splashing his feather in the creek is great fun.
I believe his feather is acting as a sword in this picture. And the tree and bush are his obvious enemies.
I think the feather is an airplane here. They were racing. I'm sure Owen won.
Carrying his feather with pride!

Who needs toys when you have a creek, a bridge, a swing, a couple big hills and the woods to explore?


Jack Klose said...

We actually have the same thing here in NJ (stream, hill woods rope swings and a zip line - must have!). I'm buying Jamin (my 10 year old) sticks for Christmas and his birthday. Thats what he plays with!