Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Activities

It's not even Easter yet but we have already done a lot of celebrating around our home. I started talking with Owen about the meaning of the holiday about a month ago. I am pleased to say that he has a solid understanding (for a 3 year old) of what events transpired on Good Friday and Resurrection Day. He recognizes names and terms like: Gethsemane, Judas, the crown of the thorns, Joseph, the tomb, etc. I am so thankful the Lord has opened his eyes and his heart to spiritual truth and understanding!
Along with teaching the true meaning of the holiday we have had fun participating in traditional Easter activities.

We had an egg hunt inside today. The kids liked it so much we did it twice! Aubrey caught on right away and had a blast running around the house trying to fill her basket with eggs. Tomorrow we have an outdoor egg hunt with all the cousins planned.

We started this morning out by eating cinnamon rolls and coloring eggs.

Tomorrow morning we plan to decorate the eggs with special stickers. Each sticker represents a spiritual truth. It will be a fun way to start out our Resurrection Sunday.

Several weeks ago I began using Resurrection Eggs to teach Owen the Easter story. I have told the story countless times and he still gets excited every time I pull out the plastic carton of eggs!

Aubrey enjoys opening each egg to see what is inside. As I tell the story the kids take turns opening up the corresponding egg. Inside is an object that goes along with the story. It helps them not only hear the story but see it, touch it and learn it. For example, in one egg there are three silver coins to represent the money Judas accepted to betray Jesus. In another egg there is a leather whip representing the beating Jesus received. In yet another there is a crown of thorns, a cross, a spear, a stone, etc. When you open the last egg you find that it is empty because Jesus is not in the tomb. The tomb is empty because He has risen! He's alive! I love the Resurrection Eggs. They are a fabulous tool to teach little ones the true meaning of the holiday.

Here is Daddy telling the story with the eggs.

It might be because I have told Owen the Easter story too many times to count. It might be because I have grown in my walk with the Lord in the last few months. It might be because I've watched several good videos online and listened to some powerful songs about the crucifixion. But it is without a doubt because of the grace and kindness of God that I have been overwhelmed this year with the reminder of what Jesus did for me on the cross. The power of the cross is truly amazing. Sin and death have no power over me. My sins are forgiven! It's not even Resurrection Sunday yet and we've already been celebrating that Jesus is alive. I can't wait for worship tomorrow!