Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's What a Good Dad Does

Owen loves playing with tools. Perhaps it is because he sees Daddy working with his tools. My son thinks his play set is just as important and useful as the real thing and Ben lets him think so. The other night Ben was on the back patio working on the grill. Owen grabbed his tool box and headed out the door to help him. After a few minutes he was too cold to stay out any longer so he grabbed his tool box and came back indoors. Just before shutting the door behind him he looked back at Ben and said, "Daddy, if you need my tools, just let me know." Ben replied, "Ok! Thanks, son!"

Now that Aubrey is sleeping in the bottom bunk we are not using the toddler bed. As Ben was taking it apart Owen jumped right in to help, even offering his tools. And Ben used Owen's tools - because he's a good dad - and it made Owen feel very special!