Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Last of the Island

These will be the last pictures I post of our time on the island, promise. There were many beautiful lilacs on the island. They were so big and smelled so good!
Owen with Ben's cousin, Blake. So I think that would be Owen's first cousin once removed?

It was a long day for Aubrey. Her sleeping in Grandpa's arms might have been his favorite part of the whole day!

Ben's grandparents outside of the butterfly house.

Arch Rock

My Family

The kids did a little artwork in the art gallery.

Trying on the top hats. It was a bit big so Grandpa helped hold it up.

Just being silly - one of the things they are really good at!

Ben pointed this sign out to me. Of course it made us think of my mom. She would have loved riding her horse around the island!