Monday, July 11, 2011

Aubrey Rides a Roller Coaster

We stopped at a carnival a local church was hosting on our way home from the softball game. When we arrived I got a phone call that I had to take. As I'm talking on the phone Ben let Owen ride a few rides. Then I noticed Aubrey ask Ben if she could ride this roller coaster. Of course not I'm thinking. They won't let her on. She's not even two! To my surprise, Daddy said yes and the man running the ride let her on. I tried to protest while talking on the phone. Although it didn't work Daddy did decide to appease me by requesting that Aubrey ride with an older child rather then sit alone. He asked a sweet girl if Aubrey could ride with her and the little girl agreed. She was very good to Aubrey. Our girl loved the ride, of course. She's almost fearless. The pictures make me laugh though since every other child on the roller coaster is at least five times her age.