Monday, July 18, 2011

8th Anniversary

July 12 was our 8th anniversary but we waited until this last Saturday to celebrate. We dropped the kids off at my sister's house on our way to Detroit where we had tickets to a Tiger's baseball game. We both love baseball and this is the first time we've ever gone to a game together. It was a hot night but we had seats in the shade which made it much more comfortable.

Yes, we were sweaty!

Baby #3 went to his/her first baseball game too!

After the game we enjoyed dinner together where we could talk without distraction or interruption. It was wonderful! The kids spent the night at their cousin's house so we got to sleep in the next morning and go out for donuts before church. We even grabbed lunch after church together before picking up the kids.

This was our first date in a long time and I'm sure it will be our last for some time with the coming arrival of our new baby. Getting away sure is refreshing and energizing though! We talked about some of our goals for our marriage and family. I'm so thankful for 8 wonderful years with my husband.

We tried to remember how we've celebrated our last anniversaries. This is what we remembered:

1st Anniversary: We went to Niagara Falls and Toronto and visited many tourist attractions

2nd Anniversary: We went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse

3rd Anniversary: Our friend, Chris, treated us to an outdoor concert. That was a fun night!

4th Anniversary: I don't remember what we did to celebrate.

5th Anniversary: I don't remember what we did to celebrate but I enjoyed looking back on this post that I wrote in honor of it.

6th Anniversary: We left Owen for the first time and spent a few days in Gatlinburg. Great trip!

7th Anniversary: We went on a dinner cruise down the Ohio River.