Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Boy Milestones

When my children were younger it was easy to recognize their milestones. They got their first tooth, took their first steps, began using the potty, etc. As they age sometimes milestones fly past me and I hardly notice them. Last night it hit me - Owen is growing so fast! He's not a toddler, he's a boy. A big boy. A kid. Some of these milestones are no longer new but I wanted to record them anyway. Some of the things he's doing now that makes me think he's so big are:
- Using adult toothpaste
- No longer wearing pajamas to bed, just underwear (if that doesn't make a kid seem old I don't know what does!)
- Using regular glasses and silverware as opposed to any kind of sippy cup or child size flatware.
- Swimming without the assistance of any kind of floatation device. This is his most recent and biggest milestone. He looks so big jumping off the diving board, swimming under water and in the deep end with children several years older than he is. I'm proud of him!
I didn't have my good camera with me when I took these pictures so they are a bit blurry. Owen loves it when we swim in the evening when Daddy is able to join us. They now like to do different tricks off the diving board together.

He's under. He's also swimming with his head under water as opposed to swimming like a dog.

He likes to RUN off the board.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE don't let him run on the diving board. Not a good thing to do. Tell him his buddy asked him not to.