Thursday, July 07, 2011

First Dentist Appointment

Owen had his very first dentist appointment today and yes, I was *that* mom who brought the camera to snap a couple of pictures! He did great! If I had more time before the baby's due date I would have first taken Owen with me to an appointment to let him just observe. But we're down to crunch time so I just made his appointment and talked to him about it beforehand. He was a little apprehensive at first but he warmed up quickly opening his mouth really wide and sitting still as can be. I was proud of him. The dentist was great with him!

The Dentist said Owen's 20 teeth look great and that "somebody" is doing an excellent job brushing them. Owen was pretty excited about the new toothpaste and toothbrush he received at the end of the appointment and Aubrey was pretty upset that she didn't get one.


TwoMuths said...

where did you go? I'm looking for a dentist for our kids. Unfortunately, my dentist is horrible at patient relations so no way am I taking kiddos there.

Kelly Glupker said...

I went where Kara works. Ill email you some details about the visit. :)