Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Guys Go Camping

Ben and I camped every summer until we moved to Kentucky and had to put all of our gear in storage. Since our children came after we moved to Kentucky, they have never gone camping. Well that changed for Owen a couple of weeks ago when he went on his first camping trip with Daddy, his Uncle Jeff and his cousins. He had so much fun! He said he could camp forever. Ben told me that several times throughout the weekend Owen would say, "Thank you so much, Daddy for taking me camping!" I love his thankful heart.
I asked Ben to snap a few pictures of their trip so I could see all the fun they had. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many pictures on the camera when they got home. Here are a few:

Owen checking out the sleeping arrangements
The tent

Breakfast outdoors

Jumping on the sand dunes - it's Daddy's turn.

Going on a hike

More eating - it's what you do when you camp


No fish were caught, but one of the boys caught this turtle.

Everyone took a turn holding the turtle.

Relaxing around the campfire.

Brenden with his Daddy

After they packed up camp they went putt putt golfing, rode go-karts and even splashed around on bumper boats. Owen had a great time driving his go-kart all by himself - until he crashed.

Brenden wanted to go on the zip line but then backed out. Ben went instead. I don't think he minded.

Brenden (almost 7), Owen (almost 4) and Cole (8).

I'm so glad these boys each have a good Daddy who is investing in them and raising them to be men. A weekend outdoors doing guy stuff without Moms and sisters around was just what they needed!