Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Choosing a Name

Doesn't my face just say it all? "Come on! We have to pick a name!"

This picture was taken about 12 hours after our baby girl was born and we still had not picked out a name. We were getting all kinds of text messages, emails and phone calls inquiring about our daughter's name. If you think 12 hours was a long time to wait, be glad we didn't have a boy!

The kids were coming to the hospital at 11:00 a.m. to meet our new baby and I really wanted the baby to be named before the big introduction. Ben and I each had a name we liked but unfortunately it was not the same name. Although I had several names on my list that I would have been happy with. Literally minutes before Owen and Aubrey arrived I finally said to Ben, "let's be biblical and cast lots." Of course I was kidding, sort of. We pulled out a quarter and quickly set up the ground rules. One toss only, not best out of three. The quarter had to land on the ground. No do overs. If it landed on heads I could pick the name, tails and Ben could. The quarter went up and landed on heads. I win! Except that as soon as I saw the look of disappointment on Ben's face I told him he could name the baby. His face lit up and he excitedly named her Evelyn. Neither one of us had a middle name so we started throwing out suggestions. We were now seconds away from the kids arriving. We went through lots of names and I finally said, "Kate." Ben LOVED it. And I do too. Evelyn Kate. It's our daughter. It's perfect. Owen calls her Evelyn Kate. Aubrey calls her Baby Kate. I call her Evie-Kate. Daddy calls her all of the above. She's our girl.


Shyla said...

That is hilarious Kelly! I will definitely try the cast lots route if we have more kids (no announcement! :) and make sure I pout big if it lands on nate being able to pick! LOL

This is a great story - and a great name! Thanks for sharing it!

Alicia said...

How crazy funny! God did indeed lead you to a lovely name! Isn't it funny how He works? We debated forever over Solomon's name and now that he's here and named, he's SUCH a Solomon. I can't imagine him with any other name on our lists!