Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Finally a Family of 5

Owen and Aubrey came up to the hospital Thursday morning to meet their baby sister. For Owen, it was love at first sight. He simply cannot get enough of Evelyn Kate. He wants to hold her constantly and when visitors come over he has a hard time giving her up for long periods of time. He talks to her, kisses her, lays next to her, and tells her that she's a "pretty girl" and a "nice baby." The first thing he does each morning is run into her room to see her and he wants her to be a part of our family reading time, singing time, prayer time - everything. Right after he met her he asked if we could go buy her a booster seat so she could sit at the dinner table with us. Aubrey was more interested in the hospital room than she was Evie. In fact, while Owen and I were snuggling with Evelyn together Aubrey was pushing the buttons on my bed making us rock back and forth. Now that we're home she's much more aware of the baby and likes to hold her and kiss her. She laughs hysterically any time Evelyn makes a funny noise or moves unexpectedly. Owen and Aubrey have just started fighting over Evelyn. Yesterday morning Aubrey was holding her and Owen asked for a turn. Aubrey said, "Not now, Owen. You can hold her after dinner."

Owen could not stop giggling and smiling over his little sister. He proudly announced that he now has three girls he has to protect. He takes that role very seriously.

There's no wiping that smile off his face . . . unless you ask him to give her up.

Our Family of 5: One proud Daddy, one goofy girl, one tired Mama, one chatty little boy and a precious little girl. Thank you, God. My hands are full of good things.


Alicia said...

thanks for sharing these precious photos! praise God for the addition to your dear family!