Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Chat With My Sister, Kim

My sister and I were chatting on Facebook today when I looked up in our chat history and found this conversation from last Wednesday, the day Evelyn was born. I laughed out loud when I read it. Who would have thought that our baby was to be born the very day we had this conversation?! She and her husband Jeff had a bet going. She thought I was going to have the baby on Wednesday the 27th while Jeff thought it was going to be on Thursday the 28th. And Jeff thinks he's always right. I copied and pasted our chat:

Me: I had contractions every time I rolled over last night and I'm uncomfortable today.

Kim: its going to be rather irritating if you have the baby tomorrow bcuz Jeff will be "right", as usual

Me: I bet baby comes tomorrow. Aubrey was due on a monday and came on a thursday. and since I'm due on a monday again I bet it comes thursday. Makes total medical sense to me.

Kim: can you please have her today and make ME right for a change?
you shoulda been a doctor.


Jenny LaBo said...

You guys are so funny! :)