Wednesday, August 03, 2011


One very noticeable difference between this delivery and my other two was that we were able to have family come visit us in the hospital. When we lived in Kentucky we didn't have family around during delivery and all of our family was gone within the first week.

At one point my room was absolutely packed! It was so fun to celebrate together. Unfortunately we did not get pictures of everyone. But the following people came to see us while we were in the hospital: Ben's Mom & Dad, Owen & Aubrey, Jeff, Kim, Cole, Brenden, Brooklyn & Carson, Charlie & Amber, Ben's sister, Sarah, my Dad, Jean and my friend, Sabrina. Brenden & Cole with their new cousin. Brenden got in the hospital bed with me and we had this conversation:

Brenden: "Aunt Kelly, how did Evelyn get here?"

Me: "Well, she was in my belly and then she came out."

Brenden: "I know she was in your belly. But how did she get out of your belly?"

Me: "I think you should talk to your dad about that."

Brenden: "Why? You were there. You saw it happen."

Uncle Jeff, still in shock that he was wrong about the birth date, and Brenden
Brooklyn. Sweet Brooklyn. During her visit she asked me, "Aunt Kelly, are you going to have just three kids? Or do you think you'll have more?" I answered, "I don't know, honey. We'll take how ever many God gives us." She pointed to my belly and said, "Well, I think there is another one in there."

Carson meeting Evelyn

Proud Grandpa

Cole & Grandma

Sabrina. Needless to say I didn't make it to her house that night to sort through garage sale stuff.


Three Glupker men adoring the new little girl in the family

Grandpa, Owen & Daddy

Aunt Sarah

Owen is always close by!

Ready to go home! Although since we didn't have the older two kids we opted to go on a mini date instead of coming straight home from the hospital. We did a little shopping and went out to lunch.

On Saturday we had a few more visitors come to our house: John R., Chris, Austin and Uncle M. We also had one of my close childhood friends come all the way from the other side of the state, Holland, MI. Shelby and her husband Lance came by with their two little girls.

Sunday we shared our little blessing with our church family. It was a great weekend.


Shelby said...

Glad to hear so many wonderful people stopped by to meet Evelyn Kate!!

Kelly Glupker said...

JUST SO YOU KNOW - I edited this post and added you BEFORE I even saw that you commented. I am such a loser. If it makes it any better, I do have you written down in my journal. :) Sorry. I'm a bad friend.