Wednesday, October 19, 2011

13 Minutes of Praise

Tonight at bed time my two year old daughter prayed . . . for 13 straight minutes. I'm certain her prayer last night was even longer but I didn't look at the clock then to time it. Doesn't she know that I have floors to mop and carpets to vacuum? Doesn't she know that Wednesdays are long days for me and I really need some down time of my own? Doesn't she know that I've been anticipating bed time for the last couple of hours so that I could have time to read and pray on my own? Doesn't she know that long prayers are socially unacceptable?

No, she doesn't know and she's too young and innocent to pray for the praise of men (I don't praise her for it). Even though it is inconvenient for me at times, I praise God for her tender heart. It's a joy to hear her pray. She doesn't ask for things. All 13 minutes were spent thanking God. "Thank you God for supper. Thank you God for Daddy. Thank you God for parks. Thank you God for my cousin's house. Thank you God I pee in the toilet." Several weeks ago she even thanked God for Dr. Seuss.
13 minutes of praise. She's a good example for me.