Thursday, October 27, 2011

Owen's First Story*

Today as part of our home school Owen had to make up a story. I wrote as he talked. I type fast but I have to say, he was hard to keep up with! He had no problem with this assignment. I told him he could tell any story he wanted as long as it was one he made up, not something he had heard before. I tried my best to type exactly what he said so you'll have to ignore the poor grammar in some areas. Here it is:

Once upon a time there was a mad lion who wanted to eat a boy. I don’t know what his name was. The boy found a little tree and he saw a tail. The tail was swinging around and around and around up in the tree! The boy said, “Maybe that’s a lion.” So then, his mouth opened and he had sharp teeth. The lion looked down and saw the boy. The boy ran as fast as he could. All the animals tried to knock the boy down so they could eat him for supper. Elephants, lions and tigers – they all wanted to eat the boy!

Soon, he found a rope. He hit all the animals back with the rope. The lion was right near him. He went and got a gun and know what he did? He shoot the lion! It went over him and shot the lion right in the back. Then there was fire and water. The boy didn’t know what to do. So he ran to a house and got all the guns. He shot all the animals except for all the lionesses. All the lionesses were hunting, trying to find the boy. All the other boys and girls ran into the house. They ran fast. So then, you know what happened? The boy found all the tails of the lionesses! The boy hided. There were all the trees behind the lionesses and the boy hid behind all the trees. Soon, he ran. He found a big huge thing. It was way outside. He said, “Maybe that’s a bigger lion!” Soon it came to him. He went, “AHHHH!” Then he ran back to the house and locked the door. All the other boys and girls were still in the house. He never saw the lion or the lionesses again. He never saw the animals again! The End.

That’s my story, Mama. Is that a great story?

*The title of this post is misleading. This is the first story of Owen's that I have recorded. He's been making up and telling stories since he was 2!