Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Still Learning to Trust

I sound like the Israelites. I know I do. God answers one prayer request of mine and provides something so minor and then I question whether or not he'll take care of the big things. If God can help me find my lens cap on five acres covered with leaves, then surely He can find us a house in our price range within ten minutes from our church (that has the things we're looking for). This is what I'm telling myself because I know it's true. God can do anything. And even though we've seen all the houses in the area Ben is confident that God has just the right house for us and it is wise to continue to wait on Him. I say Ben is confident because I have to be honest, I go through periods of doubt. My theme this year is Grace to Trust Him More. God has certainly given me many things this year to help me learn to trust Him. Finding a house is one of those things. Please pray that we would find a house soon. My desire is to be in our own home by Christmas. As the weeks continue to pass us by I'm accepting the fact that it is unlikely this will happen but still trying to keep in mind that God can do anything. We don't want to buy just any house. We want to buy the right house. In the mean time, we really miss Ben on the days he's gone over night to be near our church. We manage fine without him and our life is by no means hard. We just love Ben - A LOT.


amber said...

Just got down praying for you and a house, and then I read this post! Will continue to pray and am thankful for what God is teaching you through this!

Kelly Glupker said...

Thank you, Amber!! I just got done reading your blog too before I posted on mine. It's so exciting to see how much Chase has improved!