Thursday, August 09, 2007

Whew, It was just a dream!

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real that you woke up having to convince yourself that it really wasn’t? I had a dream like that two nights ago – and it was terrible!

I dreamt that I was at a Tiger’s baseball game. I don’t know who the Tigers were playing, but the score was 0-0 and it was the last inning. Jim Leyland saw me and decided that he wanted me to play in left field. I tried to tell him that was a bad idea, but he insisted they needed me! Not wanting to disappoint, I ran out into left field. The pitcher got ready to throw the ball and I tried to yell to the infield that I wasn’t ready – I couldn’t get my glove on. Nobody could hear me over the roar of the crowd. At once the batter hit the ball right in my direction. It was a fly ball and I wasn’t ready. I was using my right hand to hold the glove onto my left. It was a really high ball and even though I have had laser eye surgery, I couldn’t figure out if I should be running forward to catch it, running backward, or stay in position. The crowd was cheering like crazy as the ball dropped right next to me. All of the sudden the screaming turned to booing. Apparently it was an easy ball to catch – at least from the fan’s perspective. I felt like an idiot as I bent over to pick up the ball. Brandon Inge was my cut off and I yelled to him that I couldn’t throw that far and he needed to come closer. He insisted I just throw the ball. I did. It wasn’t even close. My release point was terrible and I didn’t even throw the ball straight – it steered way to the left. Now the crowd was really booing! What should have been an easy out turned into a homerun for the other team. The Tigers lost 1 to 0 and it was all my fault!
I woke up from this dream with a horrible feeling in my stomach. What a relief it was when I realized it was only a dream – or a nightmare!


Kara said...

Kelly, I think you must be eating too much ice cream right before bed. That's would happen to me when I was pregnant with Adam.

Korey said...

The abbreviation "lol" is very overused but I honestly laughed out loud for a while!! Espacially because I can actually see you doing that. You know, the part where you can't get your glove and and saying "hang on!" You are a TRUE Tigers fan! Thanks for the laugh before going to bed. See ya tomorrow night! Love ya

Alicia said...

Wow, what an anxiety dream! Much better than my nightmares though. I'm usually being chased by satanists or something equally scary.

I didn't know you were such a baseball fan! Let's hope the Tigers decide not to use any pregnant women as outfielders in the future!

Phil Luter said...

Your dream reminds me of what actually happened at our church softball game on Wednesday night. We were behind 3 to 1. We had two on base and two out. I was up to bat. The pressure was on - I was the potential winning run. At that point Cathy called me, not once but twice on my cell phone trying to convince me to pick someone up on my motorcyle (I had no extra helmet). My ringtone is a rooster crowing and hard to ignore. I was totaly distracted and irritated. Needless to say I made the final out and we lost the game (grounded out to third). I tried to wake up, hoping it was a nightmare, but it was real.

Pam said...

I have to ask Dad, why were you wearing your phone at a game?

Too funny Kelly!

Chris said...

You should have listened to Ben's teaching about playing would have caught it!!

Mom didn't make dad lose the game for us, we should have been winning at that time, so we lost as a team.

Cathy said...

Hey Kelly,
I thought it was neat! You got to meet Leyland and Inge!!!Cool!

Kelly Glupker said...

I would rather have met Maggs.

Matt & Nicki said...

I had some CRAZY dreams when I was pregnant, (although my dreams are quite vivid even when I'm not). One of them consisted of me giving birth to a baby that looked completely normal only it went together and came apart like a robot. .. strange what these hormones can do to a girl!!!

Jenny LaBo said...

I have always had very odd dreams. I would tell you about a couple of the strangest ones but I am afraid you would never speak to me again because you would think that I was a little nuts.
That said.
Last night I dreamt I was a substitute teacher. Terrifing I know. Anyway I couldn't find my way to the school. Meanwhile Josh had to move us to the first floor apartments AND I couldn't find a bathroom. Long story short I lost the sub job but decided to go bad to the Fin Aid office.
I woke up relived to be going to work!

TraceyLD said...

Your dream at least make some kind of sense. Mine usually are all mixed up.
I never knew you were such a baseball fan.
When I was pregant with Amber, I had this dream that birds where surrounding my stomach and pecking at it. I woke to found out that I was really have pains in my stomach. Off to the hospital I went and that is when they kept me until I had her over a week later.

Matt & Nicki said...

Hey,just checking in on you. . i am so anxious for to hear news about the baby coming and I didn't want to miss anything. . .I somehow lost your link on google reader, so I was glad I had your link on facebook. Hope you are still doing well.

mj said...

Hello How is my nephew doing? I guess i should ask about you as well Kelly lol. = your favorite brother in law mj

Linda said...

This is a hilarious dream! I can't ever remember my dreams, really, so it always amuses me to hear about others who remembers the details of their dream so well!