Monday, April 27, 2009

In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms

Last week I happened to catch an interview that Dr. Dobson did with Dr. Laura Schlessinger. The broadcast caught my attention because Dr. Laura was once a feminist who never desired children. At the age of 35 she had a sudden change of heart and decided at that time that she wanted to be a mother. Although she is a best selling author and the most listened to female radio talk show host, she emphatically claims that being a mother is the best job in the world (I agree!) and she is so thankful that she changed her mind about having a family before it was too late. One thing I love about Dr. Laura, that others hate about her, is that she is straight forward and tells it like it is. She doesn't beat around the bush about anything!
I just finished her new book, In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms." Rather than try to describe the book myself, I'm copying a description I found on the Internet:

"They number in the millions and they are incredibly important to families and to our society, yet they are under appreciated, little respected, and even controversial.
Who are they?
They are the stay-at-home moms.
These are women who know in their hearts that staying home to raise their children is the right choice for the whole family. Some do it from the outset of their marriages, while others make the difficult transition from career-driven women to homemakers. Either way, it is a choice that is incredibly rich and rewarding, not to mention challenging.
Now Dr. Laura, building on principles developed during her long career as a licensed marriage and family therapist, provides a wealth of advice and support, as well as compassion and inspiration, to women as they navigate the wonders and struggles of being stay-at-home moms."

I found this book to be very encouraging as Dr. Laura emphasized over and over again how important my role is as a Mother. It is so easy in our culture, even in our churches, to underestimate the important job that we have in our homes. There is no greater priority in all the world than to mother our children! I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I'll admit, as I got older I began to wonder about the reality of it. Being in ministry and not having a lot of money, I wondered if it was possible. I remember a time when I considered using childcare so that I could work part time after the kids came. My mindset completely changed five years ago when I read another one of Dr. Laura's books, Parenthood by Proxy. Now let me tell you, THAT book is a kick in the pants! But in it she convinced me to do anything and everything possible so that I could be "my kid's mo
m." It's so important to me that I be the one to raise my children. I don't want to miss out on the important milestones and training opportunities. No job is more important to me. No calling is higher. Nothing in this world is more rewarding. I'm convinced of it. I've heard it said that women CAN have it all, just not all at the same time. I agree.
If you do not desire to be a stay at home mom, or you do desire it but do not think it's possible, I encourage you to read Parenthood by Proxy.

As Dr. Laura says:
"The single reason you need to be there is to convey security, warmth, creature comforts, and love, love, love, love . . . because you can hire someone to feed one end and mop up the other, but only YOU are mommy love."

I know this is a highly controversial topic and my purpose is not to offend or hurt anyone. Every parent needs to decide for their family what is best. In making that decision, there are many, many good books to give us insight. These books are two of the many.


Mike, Manda and Jack said...

Well you know that I agree.. ;) I love being at home with Jack..and of course giving love,love,love ;)I also want to say though that some people think it's not a "job", and that it is easy..and it definetly isn't..I feel like somedays when Michael comes home I talk his head off b/c I haven't had any interaction with "adults" just "ah-goo, and baa" all day long ;) I'm going to have to read these books! But I still understand that some moms do want to work b/c it may not be what they desire. God gives us all different desires, but I know that mine is staying at home.

Amanda said...

so true!

Kelly Glupker said...

You're absolutely right! There's no doubt about it, if you're a good mom, it's a lot of work! If you ever want to borrow a book, let me know. I have tons! Parenthood by Proxy basically convinces you to be a stay at home mom and In Praise of Moms, well, it praises you for staying home.

Lorraine said...

I was at a dinner the other night and was asked what I'm up to these days. I proudly pulled out pictures of Jacob and told a former professor of mine how I love being home with my son. He went on and on about how it's the highest calling in the world, and then asked, "What else are you doing?". So, I briefly told him about how Brian and I volunteer with our church and run the college-age ministry. I was asked again, "What else are you doing?". When I said that volunteer work and being a stay-at-home mom took up my time, he responded: "So, you're not really doing anything now." Um, no - you just praised me for doing what you called "the highest calling" and I told you about my volunteer work. I would call that something! I told him my son comes first.

Kelly Glupker said...

Good for you, Lorraine! I love how Dr. Laura always says, "I am my kid's mom." THAT IS FULL TIME WORK! If you need encouragement in your calling, "In Praise of Stay at Home Moms" is great. People try to make Moms feel like they are not doing enough when in reality we have it all.