Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend With My Dad

My Dad came down for the weekend and we had such a great time! We were having too much fun for me to remember to pull out my camera, so I only have a few snapshots.
In our family my dad has always been known for his popcorn making skills and fabulous breakfasts! Saturday morning he not only got Owen out of bed so I could sleep in a little longer, but he also made me sausage, eggs and toast. We then spent the day visiting various places around town and playing games - another family favorite. My dad and I are both verrry competitive. Because he was trash talking I was really hoping to beat him but he ended up being the winner in most games this weekend. I'll beat him next time!

"Family Kiss" We do this all the time with Owen!

Kiss just for Grandpa
Me and my Dad. I am so thankful for a good, godly father. Not only does he goof around with us and make us laugh, but he also challenges me spiritually. Many of our conversations center around spiritual things.
Playing with Owen
Reading together. Normally Owen has to sit right on your lap when you read to him. By the look on his face it looks like he was being a bit of a tease.
Going to church with Grandpa
Thank you for coming down, Grandpa! We love you!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. It was my pleasure. I truly enjoyed myself. It was a great weekend with you, Ben and Baby Oh-Oh.
Love, Grandpa

P.S. How did the eggs/sausage turn out this morning?