Sunday, July 12, 2009


It doesn't seem that long ago that I wrote a post about our five year anniversary, and here we are celebrating our sixth. When the topic of marriage comes up I often hear people make comments like, "We have had our good times and our bad," or, "it's not always easy," "we've had our ups and our downs," or "marriage sure is a lot of hard work."

During our first couple of years I was even informed by those who had been married for several years that the bliss would soon be over. Ben would eventually quit opening the door for me and stop choosing me over his friends. Our first few years together we even worked together and several people asked me how in the world we could do that without getting sick of each other. After all, we were constantly in each other's company. Work, church, ministry - we even grocery shop together when we can. I think it's odd that Christian couples are surprised that we enjoy spending time together. In fact, when we first moved to Kentucky I struggled with not seeing him as much. For the first time in a long time I was driving to work alone, eating lunch without him and not seeing him in the school hallways. Working together was awesome and I was so thankful when I got a job at his place of employment after our first year of living here.

So, what's my point? Marriage doesn't have to stink. Marriage can be a lot of fun! Sure, there are differences and obstacles to overcome, but isn't that true of every relationship? In my six short years of experience it seems pretty apparent to me that when life is "hard" it's often because I'm not living the way God intends. When a believer marries another believer and both partners follow the roles God gives us in Scripture, marriage is pretty great.

And you know what? I don't want to go back to the dating scene where you get butterflies in your stomach and get excited about every phone call. Those days were GREAT, but I much prefer where we are now. There's nothing like sharing your life with someone who knows everything about you and loves and accepts you just the same. We are a perfect fit for each other and with each passing year we seem to be an even better match for one another.

And to all those people who thought things would change, it hasn't happened yet. Granted we don't exchange as many love notes as we used to, but he still treats me like a queen and I still adore him.


Josh said...

AMEN!!! Jen and I take our share of flak from various people (i.e. family members) who apparently would rather see us fight than see us loving on each other. I'm not talking blatant PDAs, either; they just don't like seeing us in love. Those people have clearly bought the lie. And that's sad.

Kara said...

Happy anniversary Kelly and Ben! I really enjoyed this post. :)

chris k said...

Enjoyed reading your post today and your reflection. I sincerely hope that Owen is feeling better and you were able to get out to Sam's Club to enjoy the samples. :) Happy Anniversary.

Trail Rated said...

I couldnt agree more! Kami and I are looking at 14 years this July, and I'm happier than ever!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary, Kelly! I loved your post! It IS truly an encouragement and a blessing to hear of others who are also truly enjoying marriage! Marriage should be blissful, even after several years. Unfortunatley people get side-tracked and lose focus of what is really important. You are SO right, when you say that IF we follow GOD's plan and design for marriage, that is when it works best. A godly marriage definitley makes the best marriage! Congrats to you both and I'm sure you will enjoy MANY more wonderful years together! (Must be something to those Glupker boys, huh? They sure are keepers, aren't they?!) ;-)

TwoMuths said...

I agree one hundred percent and more! Happy Anniversary from one happily married couple to another!