Monday, January 10, 2011

Old Town

We spent an evening at Old Town while we were vacationing. It's a family friendly place that is open 365 days a year and stays open until late at night as long as there is a crowd. They have lots of rides, go-carts, and these large swings that are hundreds of feet into the air that you can free fall from. No, we didn't do that. Although as expensive as my health insurance is I probably should engage in some life risking activities. Owen loved all of the rides.

Trying to get a picture on the move
Owen went on his first roller coaster ride with Grandpa Glupker. It was pretty high and quite fast - at least for a three year old! But he loved it!
Getting ready for the roller coaster to take off. I think Grandma was the most nervous!
Aubrey even got to enjoy some of the rides.
Aunt Sarah almost made Owen sick by spinning his tea cup so much, but he survived.
Owen was just barely tall enough to ride the go-cart with Ben. He had a blast but during the ride he did yell, "Daddy! SLOW DOWN!!!"
Aunt Sarah joined in on the fun.

You can barely see him, but Owen is there!
Grandpa drove one too.