Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few of Many Attempts

Why is it so hard to get a nice family picture?

We'll try again next year - with a third child to try and entertain!


Jenn's Blog said...

these are adorable! you look great girl!

Rachael Neal said...

I personally love the one where Owen is trying to strangle (hug) you and Aubrey is scowling at him.

Too cute.

Pam Wickman said...

I actually think because you are all in the same picture at the same time it's a great picture. Wait until you are outnumbered and one always seem to be wandering off or forgets they were getting their picture taken. sigh. I really truly can't remember the last picture of all 6 of us....maybe when the baby was born? Yep, it gets harder to get but keep it up! You do great!