Friday, April 01, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Aubrey

So far I've only done posts about things Owen says. It appears that I need to start a new chapter, "Out of the Mouth of Aubrey." My one and a half year old is very verbal for her age. She's never quiet. On our way down to Florida she rode in my sister's van for a while. I called my sister to ask how Aubrey was doing and she said something to the effect of, "She's fine but she doesn't stop talking." That's my girl! She knows hundreds of words and will say anything you tell her to say. She will also repeat things you don't want her to repeat. While talking to someone on the phone I said, "That's crazy!" From the other room Aubrey pipes in, "Yeah! That's crazy, Mommy!" Here are some of the most memorable things she has said recently: **"I want to get out." She says this every morning when she wakes up and every time we got back into the car from taking a potty break on our way to Florida. **She responds with, "Dank you" anytime you do anything for her - from putting her shoes on, changing her diaper, giving her lunch, etc. The best part is that she addresses the person she is thanking. For example, as I'm typing this Owen helped her with something so she said, "Dank you, Owen." I love that she uses our names. It sounds so polite. **"I want Daddy" I hear this countless times **"I have to go potty." When we were at the pool at our resort the older kids were allowed to go to the bathroom by themselves since it was close by. They just had to let an adult know they were going. Aubrey picked up on this very quickly. One day I noticed her walking away. I called out to her and she turned around and yelled from the distance, "Mommy! I have to go potty!" and then turned back around and proceeded to walk toward the bathroom. **"I want to carry you." - this means she wants me to carry her. **Any time I tell her not to touch something, even if it's the computer, she asks, "Is it hot?" **"Love you." **"See ya" as she leaves one room to go to another. **"Aw-bee" when asked her name. She even says her last name clearly! **"Bless you, Mommy" whenever I sneeze. **"I want to go outside!" I hear this so much. It makes me very anxious for warm weather. **"Gah may me." when asked who made her. **"Excuse me!" She says this while running around the house with her baby stroller. **"Excuse you." She says this anytime you cough, blow your nose, burp, etc. **"Okay, Mommy." She says this in the sweetest voice when I ask her to do something and she's in the mood to quickly obey. **"Mommy! It's a B" She said this while pointing to the bottom of a chapstick and sure enough there was the letter B. So I said, "What does the letter B say?" And she replied, "Buh." I have no idea where she picked that up, but she says it every time. She can also tell me what sound the letter A makes. **She is pretty generous with her kisses except lately when Mommy asks for one she says, "No, kisses, Mommy. No kisses." **She still eats pretty much anything (except fast food. She hates chicken nuggets, fries, etc) but she can also clearly communicate what she wants to eat. **She sings Jesus Loves Me really well. You can't necessarily make out all the words but enough so that it's obvious what she is singing. **Since my children were born I have sung a song to them that I made up. They affectionately call it the "Nighty Night" song. She sings this song all by herself to her baby and to Owen. Sometimes she will put her baby in Owen's bed, turn on the fan and sing the song. This is our routine. The other day at nap time Owen went and got in bed. She covered him up, turned on the fan and began to scratch his back and sing to him. He loved it and so did I! **On the other hand when I tell her it's time to go to bed and she's not ready to, she says, "No-No, night-night."


Margaret said...

Such a smart and beautiful little girl! Both of your children are so sweet.