Thursday, April 07, 2011

Safety First

We have a rule in our family. Okay, we have several rules. But one of them is that we always hold hands when we are in parking lots. Owen does not need to be told. He simply grabs my hand whenever he gets out of the van and holds it until we are safely across the parking lot. And if we have other children with us they have to hold hands with us too forming a nice long, noticeable chain. I always carry Aubrey in parking lots, yet she has picked up on our routine all on her own. And so now, every time I take her out of the car seat she instinctively grabs my hand to hold it as we cross the parking lot - even though she's being carried in my arms. If my hands are full she will quickly ask for my hand. In her little mind she believes that holding my hand is something she has to do. I love it!