Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It was with Ben's family, 8 years ago, that I experienced for the first time in my life a group of people who actually gave thanks on Thanksgiving Day. And after several years of being away from the family for the holiday, we were able to participate again this year. And by "giving thanks" I do not merely mean that we said a prayer before we ate. I mean, the entire extended family gathered in a big circle in a small room and each member shared what they were thankful for. There were tears and laughter as we remembered what God had done in each of our lives. And at the end we all bowed our heads and took turns praying for each other. I'm thankful to have married into a family that honors God and loves Jesus.

The week of Thanksgiving I taught the kids about the First Thanksgiving. Afterward Owen and Aubrey made a place mat and I wrote on it what they each stated they were thankful for.

Aubrey is thankful for:
"Mama, Owen and Aubrey"

Owen is thankful for:
"My animals"
"We have a bathroom"
"We live in a house"
"I have a Mom, a Dad and sisters"
"We do school"
"I have a bed"
"We made a turkey"
"My cars"
"I get to study and work hard"
"We have a fireplace"
"We are sitting at the table"

And what am I thankful for? Here are a few things:
We go to a great church! And Ben is doing what God has equipped him to do!
I have three healthy children.
All my needs are met, and so are many of my wants.
I have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
I have the privilege of homeschooling my children.
My husband loves me and takes care of me.
And as Owen mentioned when it was his turn to share when we all gathered together on Thanksgiving Day, "I'm thankful that God watches over me."